According to multiple media reports, the Veteran's Day Parade and the Holiday Parade have been postponed till next year. The cancellations, not postponements, are due to the city of Boise's Covid policy that exceeds the guidelines established by the Center for Disease Control.  

From the city's web page, here are a few of the requirements for outdoor activities to be approved for events drawing more than two hundred and fifty people.  

  • Proof of vaccination or proof of negative COVID-19 test required for all attendees
  • Masks are required both indoors and outdoors if six feet of physical distance cannot be maintained
  • Event organizers must provide masks for attendees and masks must be worn when not eating or drinking
  • COVID-19 protocol ambassadors, staffed by the event, are required on site
  • Event organizers must submit a plan to the city's Special Events Team for approval
  • Physical distancing measures in place
  • Sanitation stations throughout event footprint
  • Event organizers must submit a traffic flow plan for approval to prevent COVID-19 spread and promote physical distancing

The nonprofits who put together the Veteran's Day and Holiday Parade cannot afford the additional expenses, which explains the cancellations. Although Boise's policy isn't uniform for all events. Boise State Football games, concerts, and nightclubs do not have to follow the protocol for 'outdoor' activities. Another logical question is how can anyone 'physically distance' at a football game or nightclub?    


You can read the mayor's Covid policy in detail.   One has to question why there is a double standard for nonprofits versus Boise State Football games, concerts, and nightclubs?  

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