It's an Idaho tradition. We all bundle up in our warmest gear, head downtown, and watch an enormous potato ring in the new year. But where exactly is all this happening this year?

Don't fret. We've got all the starchy details for you.

Before we move forward, if you're new to Idaho, here's the deal: Yes, we actually drop a giant potato like the New Year's Eve ball in Times Square in New York City. Yes, we all actually enjoy it. Yes, people outside of Idaho make fun of it every year. But we love it. So, get used to it.


Typically, the Idaho Potato Drop takes place at the Boise Capitol Mall. However, there've been talks about relocating the event in its entirety to Nampa. To add to the confusion, last year's Potato Drop was a virtual event streamed live from Nampa. So what's the deal for New Years' Eve 2021?

After much back and forth, it's been confirmed that 2021's Idaho Potato Drop will return home to the Boise Capitol Mall. Sandi Nahas, co-executive and organizer of the Idaho Potato Drop, explains:

Idaho’s signature holiday event that can only be truly experienced LIVE at the Idaho State Capitol!

There will be a few minor changes, however.

If you wish to enter the beer garden or VIP areas, you'll be required to present your COVID-19 vaccination card, or a 72-negative test. Event staff will also be enforcing mask-wearing where social distancing cannot take place.

Let's be safe, and we'll see you downtown for this year's Potato Drop!

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