It looks like Governor Brad Little may not ever leave the state of Idaho ever again. Every time the governor leaves, the lieutenant governor assumes the power of the governor and makes changes. The lieutenant governor announced that she 'fixed' the governor's executive order prohibiting vaccine mandates in Idaho schools.   Here

"Today, as Acting Governor, I took a major step to fix Gov. Little's Executive Order on "vaccine passports".  My new Executive Order eliminates the loopholes and clarifies that there will be NO vaccine mandates or mandatory testing in our K-12 schools and universities.  I will never stop fighting to protect and preserve your Individual Liberty!" Here is the link to the actual executive order here.

The lieutenant governor's action was the talk of the state, including a reaction from House Speaker Scott Bedke via a release:

“While the Lt. Governor has an important role to serve as president of the Senate and follow the guidance of the Governor, her actions today are the exact kind of overreach that does not represent Idaho and Idahoans. This is a complete grandstand and abuse of her political office in an attempt to influence voters.

Currently, the Senate Pro Tempore and I are working through the proper avenues to return to session with a clear path forward to deny the recent Biden mandates. The draft legislation moved forward by the Joint Federalism Committee with unanimous support of its Republican members appears to have found that path. I stand firm against the current Biden Administration’s attack on personal rights and freedoms, and I do not support this federal violation.

What comes next will be determined soon by the Legislative Branch and not be left to the Lt. Governor to dictate.”

Governor Little, who is currently at the border with several other governors, took to Twitter to share his response to the lieutenant governor's action.

Congressman Mike Simpson backed the governor in a Tweet.  It is unfortunate that while our Governor is working to find real solutions to the crisis at our border, he must also deal with these distractions from his Lt. Governor.

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