It's official, we now have the nominees from both political parties for this Fall's general election.  here's how you can make a difference in Idaho by simply joining me for breakfast Thursday Morning at Terri's Cafe in Meridian.

Thursday morning we'd like you to join us for breakfast and politics.  Some say the two don't mix, however with so many people who've run for office, why not unite over a meal.

In years past, the state Republican Party has held a unity rally on the statehouse steps the day after the primary.  Because of the competitive nature of the 2018 primary, plus the long night waiting for the returns, the rally will be 10 a.m. Thursday Morning.

We'll have a unity breakfast which will allow all friends and former foes to meet and discuss the upcoming campaign over a warm meal.  Whether you're a political expert or a fan of the issues, join us Thursday Morning at Terri's Cafe in Meridian.

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