It's April 1st, 2024, and in a playful April Fools' Day prank, the Caldwell Police Department (CPD) introduced "Magic" the horse, the newest addition to their force. Here's what they said about about Magic...

"Right now, he is training to make appearances along with our Caldwell Police Mounted Unit. Well, during that training we discovered that Magic has a special power! His nose! It rivals that of the best drug-sniffing dogs out there. That means that Magic will now join the force as the first drug-sniffing equine."

But of course, this was all just in fun as a clever April Fools' Day prank. The Caldwell Police Department said: "...April Fools! Of course, Magic doesn’t have a magic nose, we are just foaling around, but he will be the mane event when you see us out and about with him later this year so stop and say hi or neigh!"

Despite being a funny April Fools' joke, Magic will indeed become a valued member of the CPD's mounted unit, bringing joy and community engagement as he makes appearances alongside officers throughout the year. The department encourages residents to "stop and say hi or neigh" when they spot Magic and his fellow officers patrolling the streets.

As the department continues its mission to serve and protect, Magic, though lacking supernatural abilities, promises to be a significant asset for the community, fostering positive interactions and building bridges between local law enforcement and the public.

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