Caldwell Police have issued an update on the 'white power' vandalism at Caldwell High School. The incident has gained national attention. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) spoke about it from their headquarters in Washington DC.

The crime happened Thursday morning after a turbulent few weeks in the Caldwell School District. A school board meeting had to be cut short after over a thousand folks showed up to protest the new pronoun woke policy. The following week a group of students protested carrying 'brown pride' signs in support of a student who was suspended for allegedly wearing gang attire to school.

Caldwell Police and the district issued an initial release alleging that the vandalism was a hate crime under the Idaho code. The police have now clarified their statements.

A Inside Look At the Caldwell School Controversy

Take a look at how this all became a major issue in Caldwell.

“I am proud of the investigative effort given by our detectives in this matter, who quickly determined this incident to not be a hate crime. Unfortunately, this incident has already affected the lives of many in our community. This appeared to be an organized act of violence by cowardly members of a local criminal street gang who attempted to cause panic, fear and intimidation. I promise that when we catch the suspects, the public will be able to see who they are because they won’t be able to hide behind a hood or mask in a booking photograph,” said Rex Ingram, Caldwell Chief of Police.

Caldwell Police say they believe it was eight people who used vehicles. They identified one as a white sedan and the other as a dark-colored SUV.

Police believe the vandalism was an attempt to create fear and intimidation in the Caldwell community.

Anyone with information about the incident can call 343-COPS or non-emergency dispatch at 208-454-7531.

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