The two recent laws dealing with transgender issues have gotten the attention of the national media and two of the most powerful entities in the country; the state of California and the NCAA.Even though the laws will not go into effect until next month, the gem state will be facing economic challenges from constituencies that do not agree with the Idaho laws.  One bill, HB 500, prohibits men transitioning to women from competing in high school sports.  The second bill, HB 509, bans folks from changing their gender on their birth certificates.

The state of California reacted to these bills by banning state travel to Idaho that is funded by the state.  What does this mean for colleges that play Idaho colleges?  Will students have to pay their own way to compete here?  The California attorney general issued the ban citing the laws violate California law, reports the Sacramento Bee.

The NCAA has said that they will begin to examine both Idaho laws, says ESPN.  The NCAA has pulled both tournaments from states that they have had issues with.  Currently, part of the NCAA Mens Basketball tournament is scheduled to return to Boise in 2021.

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