Chris Petersen seems to be enjoying his new career as a television analyst for Fox Sports.

Chris Petersen Through The Years

Coach Chris Petersen Boise State to Washington to Fox Sports

The former Washington and Boise State Head Football coach seems to have found a missing comfort zone due to the grind of coaching college football at the highest level. So why would Coach Pete consider putting his hat in the ring for the USC job?

However, few jobs in all sports rival the prestige of being the head football coach of the University of Southern California. USC came very close to securing Coach Pete and staff when they were at Boise State. Petersen is a proven winner who has left a positive, permanent impact on the game of college football. Concerning the current staff at Washington, it looks like they sure could use Pete's leadership right now. Click here to find out how much they already miss Coach Pete in Washington. 

The college football media has speculated that Luke Fickell of Cincinnati or former Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops should be the front runners for the job. Fickle is a young hunger coach, but he's from Ohio. He's an Ohio State Grad and former coach. I can't see him fitting the culture of USC. Bob Stoops would be a great hire if USC were in the Big 12.


Big Game Bob lacks the West Coast culture needed to really understand what it's like recruiting on the Pacific Coast.  Petersen is perfect for USC. He has succeeded in college football's biggest games. He knows the conference, the culture, and the people. USC cannot afford to hire another unknown candidate. If USC wasn't to return to glory, they need to make Chris Petersen an offer he can't refuse. 

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