Much has been written about Cliven Bundy.  There have been many allegations against him.  We will talk to him in the first of a two part interview Tuesday Morning on 580 KIDO.  I spoke with Mr. Bundy at his home and he shared his thoughts on everything.  Including the current controversy involving his recent statements.  He does have a message for the folks in Idaho as well.

Ammon Bundy, the man I'm interviewing, will share his dramatic accounts of the showdown between the BLM and his family.  Ammon will tell us what it was like to be tazed four times and watch his fifty seven year old aunt be body slammed right in front of him.  We'll also speak with a man from New Hampshire who drove over 2,000 miles to protect the Bundys.

I'll give you the details of what life is like inside the Bundy Ranch itself, which is where I spent most of my day.  We'll also hear from more folks who are here for a cause they believe.  Please share the message and help get the word out!


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