First it was the Confederate Flag that has to be taken down and destroyed.  Watch the video above as CNN Anchor Ashleigh Banfield suggests that the Jefferson Memorial be taken down.  Does Ashleigh Banfield love America?  Louis Farrakhan told an audience that the American Flag must be taken down.  Does this help the nation recover from the Charleston Killings?  It doesn't help that the president used the n-word while telling the world that racism is in America's DNA.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

What do these leftist rantings tell us?  The haters of our great nation will use anything to tear down our heroes and our political institutions.  They're aided by the ignorant press slappys that have rejoiced in undermining our country for years.  It's time that we have the courage to defend our flag and our founding fathers.  If we fail, then the country is lost.