Bryan Harsin is a good man who, unfortunately, took the wrong job at the wrong time. I do admit that I have a bias in the Harsin to Auburn story as I spent many years working in the state of Alabama covering the SEC. The college football world has taken to social media outlining every reason why the powers that be at Auburn University should fire the pride of Capital High School.

Coach Harsin was not a player's coach when he was coaching his alma mater. Several Broncos and boosters were happy to see the coach get a big-time coaching job. Boise State and Bryan Harsin thought they could do better without each other. I'd say both have been proven wrong. Despite local media's support and propaganda, Boise State football is so far removed from being a college football disrupter. Coach Harsin is surrounded by sharks waiting to pounce on their prey. The good news for Coach Harsin is that he'll be a multimillionaire once he's shown the door.  

The good news for Boise State Coach Andy Avalos is that BSU still controls the media narrative in this town. If anyone doesn't tow the Bronco line, they get iced out of access to the team. If you don't believe me, ask yourself this question, when's the last time you read or saw a negative story on Boise State Football? Those that write online objectively are called haters or negative. It doesn't mean that they're wrong.  

Coach Harsin could've used objective media while he coached in Boise. The press in the SEC is objective and overly critical. Where did Coach Harsin go wrong? Here's author and sports reporter Joeseph Goodman from

A good coach takes the blame after a bad loss. They own it. In the Monday news conference after an embarrassing Saturday of Auburn football, Harsin instead serviced his ego by talking down to reporters and shifting the weight of responsibility away from himself. To hear him tell it, Harsin is above accountability for what happens during games.

Another report from's Mark Helm says quotes the voice of college football Paul Finebaum on Coach Harsin's future.

"By tomorrow, on our show and across the country, if Auburn comes up, it will not longer be, 'Is Bryan Harsin going to survive, the questions are now who will take his place?'" Finebaum said. "And, you'll get the usual suspects."

In the end, Coach Harsin will enjoy his return to Idaho and eventually get a new job. The struggle will make him a better coach and person. The challenges define us, and Coach Harsin is living in challenging times. 

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