The third Democratic primary debate is in the books, and it's time for the candidates to start focusing on the next one, just four weeks away. The next debate will be co-hosted by CNN and the New York Times, and has been scheduled for October 15th at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio.  CNN's Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett will moderate along with NYT national editor Marc Lacey.  CNN also hosted the first debate back in June.

The only network that hasn't had a debate is Fox News.  Although several Democrats have appeared on the channel,  the DNC will not allow Fox News to hold a debate.  There are currently no plans to air another debate on Fox.

The next debate might see a bigger field than we saw Thursday, as candidates have an extra month to meet the polling and donation requirements to qualify.  If necessary, the debate will take place over two nights, like the first two debates.   11 candidates have qualified so far - the 10 from Thursday night along with billionaire Tom Steyer, who just missed the September cutoff.

Several Democrats that were left out have criticized both the networks and the DNC.  Do you believe the process is fair? How much of the five nights of debates so far have you actually watched?  Which network has done the best job with them?

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