Boise State's first home game against the Washington State Cougars goes down at Albertson's Stadium on Saturday, September 10th.  Will you be able to have a drink in the stadium parking lot without getting in trouble or not?

The State Board of Education's ruling earlier this summer has fans confused over what's allowed and what's not.  According to Channel 2, the ruling only affects university sponsored activities.  Boise State doesn't sell alcohol in the stadium during the game, so all the ruling did was kill "The Huddle," the pre-game party inside the Caven Williams Sport Complex.

The new alcohol ban does not prevent Bronco Nation from buying their own beer, wine or cocktails from an off campus location and bringing it to their normal tailgate spots.

Fans should also remember that the 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. rules are in effect for the stadium parking lot and Julia Davis Park.