Congressman Russ Fulcher joined us this morning with a preview of one of the biggest weeks in American History.  The congressman leveled some heavy insights on how newly elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will curtail any discussion on the House floor.He shared his thoughts with us and on his Facebook Page:

For the 1st time in US history - Here are a few of Speaker Pelosi’s “US House rules” for the next 2 years (I’m not making this up):
1. Effectively kills the ability to debate an amendment to a bill on the House floor, restricting the minority party from having a voice.
2. Censors free speech of members of congress by creating an ethics violation for information shared online, even in unofficial capacity, deemed unfounded by others.
3. Allows members to vote by proxy (call-in votes without showing up for work), thereby greatly empowering members of House leadership and hindering bi-partisan communications.
4. Eliminates any reference to gender (ie: father, mother, etc.) in House documents, thereby de-valuing family structures.
5. Removes almost all responsibility for anyone claiming “whistle-blower status” such as to allow for public charges against anyone with anonymity, and without accountability.
…and that only accounts for 5 of the 45 pages…
One has to wonder where is the press on Pelosi's new rules of order?  How can anyone agree to kill debate on the floor of the House?  The House was designed by the Founders to be the birthplace of debate?
What's more troubling is the censoring of free speech?  How in the name of the United States of America can any leader advocate for eliminating free speech?  The proxy vote needs to be abolished.  If hardworking Americans can drive trucks or work in a grocery store, then our elected officials can show up to do their job.

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