If you're a political insider in Idaho, you weren't surprised that Congressman Raul Labrador decided he was coming home.  The 1st District Congressman had a seat for life if he wanted. However, his family and Idaho have always come first.   Raul Labrador's victory in 2010 was a triumph for all of us in Idaho.  The times were very different from where we are in 2017.  President Obama's liberal agenda seemed unstoppable.  His quote 'elections have consequences.' resonated throughout the conservative America.  Would our country resemble the one we grew up in?

Raul Labrador was not the prohibitive favorite when he entered the multi-candidate field in 2010.  In fact, DC Insiders had picked decorated veteran Vaughn Ward as their pick to unseat then Congressman Walter Minnick.  Ward even appeared on the Fox News Show Hannity live from Salt Lake during the primary.

Idaho voters ignored the Washington Politicians and Labrador won the primary.  His candidacy was mocked by the local and national press as having no shot at unseating Minnick.  The challenger's campaign was outspent by a large margin just as it had been in the primary.

Money, usually the significant difference maker in politics, didn't re-elect Walt Minnick.  The unknown attorney from Eagle had beaten the unbeatable in the Age of Obama.  Labrador and other candidates were part of a Tea Party-fueled resistance against the Obama Regime.

I remember interviewing the congressman-elect the day after he won.  He gave credit to everyone who had helped him achieve the American Dream.  Once in DC, he quickly became a favorite of national shows like Face the Nation and Meet the Press.

Who could forget his viral showdown with then Attorney General Eric Holder?  Check out the exchange below.

Years later, the congressman leaves DC as a founding member of the Freedom Caucus.  Perhaps an opportunity to work for President Trump who he helped elect.  We'll never know. However we'll elect another congressman; they'll never be another one like Raul Labrador.

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