As the clock ticks down to Halloween night, there's no doubt that some Boise locals are on the hunt for last-minute Halloween candy deals. Among the options available in the Treasure Valley, does Costco stand out as a potential lifesaver for those in need of bulk candy for trick-or-treaters?

According to a recent study from Cheapism, Costco is your best bet for the most candy for the least amount of money, however, it's a very popular destination for Halloween candy in the Treasure Valley, so stock might be low depending on how "last-minute" you're shopping.

The store is renowned for its budget-friendly approach to bulk items, so it's a tempting destination for candy seekers. Shoppers can find extra-large bags, including full-size candy bars, ready for the taking. But if you're a little too late for these deals... you might miss out of some of the best Halloween candy options in town.

Cheapism also mentioned Amazon... but that doesn't make a ton of sense if you're looking for deals on the day of Halloween, because you would need to order the candy and wait a couple of days. That said, the other two stores that were top choices in the study are Walmart and Target.

There's no doubt Costco will have some of the best options, but if you've tried Costco and didn't find much, consider trying Walmart and Target next.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much Halloween candy you're looking for... Costco's Halloween candy options are all about going big (spending more and getting a lot). If you're looking for smaller, more precise portions, you may need to explore the alternative retailers, or even try a nearby Walgreens or dollar store options. Happy Halloween!

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