Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee is claiming that the media is not on her side and owned by 'Republicans.' Jordan's comments were to an audience that was recorded and later distributed by the Idaho Republican Party.

According to a release from the state party, Jordan was speaking at a fundraiser at an art gallery that featured her. The candidate told the audience that the media is 'owned by Republicans' and is not on her side.

I thought the media was supposed to report the news and not be an advocate for a particle candidate or party? Jordan continued saying that 'Republican older men are paying attention and not the rest of us.' I don't know who she means by the rest of us? Does Jordan believe what she's saying? I guess she doesn't want to attract voters outside of her preferred age cohort.

Most media companies, in Idaho and across the country, are publicly owned companies. Candidate Jordan is doing the public a disservice by claiming that media only reports on positive news for Republicans.

You can watch the video here.

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