Disney, like so many of us, has continued to hang in there during the COVID Crisis.  Although, the company is very diversified, a lot of their revenue comes from their resort and entertainment properties.  Before COVID, Disney could count on multiple revenue streams from it's movies, technology, resorts, and other entities.  Who hasn't endured the trip to Florida or California braving the lines for that special Disney experience?  Well, it appears most of us will have to wait a little longer.

Disneyland Resort is cancelling reservations through October 10th, The company has publicly demanded that California Governor Gavin Newsome allow the park to reopen, reports the LA Times. The park has said that it will use every method available to keep their guests safe.  The article says the park, 'would add hand-washing stations, offer attendance by reservation only, add a team of designated employees to enforce face-covering requirements, mandate temperature checks for all guests, expand the use of mobile food ordering and put stickers on the ground to remind park goers to keep their distance from one another.'

It looks like you'll still have to wait to travel to the "happiest place on earth." Disneyland Resort is now sending cancellations to reserved guests through October 10th. While cancelling plans may be stressful for visitors at the resort, Disney is trying to make the process more hassle-free by waiving cancellation fees.

Disney is also offering leniency for those who are unable to cancel reservations and will avoid penalizing visitors with any fees. Though this does not apply to anyone booking through third-party travel bookers. Do you think theme parks like Disneyland should open sooner? Do you have any fun memories from visiting Disneyland?

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