He's beaten the establishment wings of both political parties. The president has more social media followers than the big media networks. He breaks every rule and continues to succeed. His name is President Donald Trump, and now the mighty NFL is feeling the pain.

By all political and media standards, the president should be losing popular public opinion. No one stands up to the press, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the National Football League, and wins. Much to the surprise of anyone watching politics, Trump is winning, and the American Public loves it.

The president reminds me of one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time; Stone Cold Steve Austin. He wrestled/performed in the WWE in the 90s and was responsible for the increased popularity of sports entertainment.

Austin was called the 'Texas Rattlesnake,' who took on all comers. He feuded with his boss, coworkers, and even the fans. What made Stone Cold so famous, was that blue-collar America loved him. They resented having to comply with being politically correct. So they lived their lives through his adventures.

We're seeing the same thing today with President Trump taking on the establishment. It doesn't matter if it's politics, media, or the NFL. All were untouchable before Trump, not so anymore. The NFL is trying to find away out of its National Anthem crisis as fans turn off what was America's most popular sport.

Cross America, Cross Trump and you'll lose, that's why he's the disrupter, and that's the bottom line.

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