Rob Stothard, Getty Images

How many times have we heard the endless slogans when it comes to stopping violence against women and children?  We can recite them again and again, and yet the acts of aggression to do not seem to stop.  While most of us believe it can never happen to us or our kids, the sad reality, even in Idaho, is that domestic violence is a crime that happens too much.

Can we stop it?  If so, how?  Join me this Thursday as we speak with a panel of experts on all issues involving domestic violence, spousal abuse, and child abuse.  Let's send a message that here in our community those actions are not tolerated.  That victims are not alone and that criminals will be prosecuted.  We've heard a lot about change from the talking heads.  Let's start making a change in the right direction Thursday.

Together we'll prove that we are not helpless when someone is need of a helping hand.  Our goal is that armed with new insight, we can stop these crimes before they start.  I look forward to spending an hour with you and our experts this Thursday at Foothills Christian Church from 7pm-8pm.  We cannot afford to make excuses while our fellow Idahoans need us.

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