Like many of us, Boise State Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey has taken a well-traveled road to Boise and Boise State University. Mr. Dickey began his career in athletics almost twenty years ago at the University of Texas El Paso. The young aspiring athletic director worked in several offices before leaving for Akron.

We'll get back to Mr. Dickey's time at Akron and let you know where that is in a minute, but first, let's go to Lincoln, Nebraska. Please wait for it; there is a reason why we're going to the home of the Cornhuskers.

Yesterday the University of Nebraska introduced its new football coach Matt Rhule to the public. The NFL Carolina Panthers fired coach Rhule, and before that, was a highly successful college football coach reviving the Temple Owls and the Baylor Bears.

Coach Rhule's speech and press conference was inspiring even to nonfootball folks. (You can watch the press conference below after the galleries.) He thanked everyone he worked with during his career in college football. Jeramiah Dickey was one of the folks that Coach Rhule thanked for his success.

Screenshot KTVB Bronco Pre-Game Show

Mr. Dickey worked at Baylor before becoming Boise State's Athletic Director. The fact that Coach Rhule mentioned Mr. Dickey should be noticed. The coach's statement should reinforce the confidence that Mr. Dickey knows what he's doing to advance Boise State's program.

Mr. Dickey worked with current Big Sky Commissioner Tom Wistcill at the University of Akron. While at Akron, they revived a dead football program and funded a new stadium. Commissioner Wistrcill has repeatedly told us how he appreciated Mr. Dickey's efforts. Akron is a challenging place to work or raise money. Both Mr. Wistrcill and Mr. Dickey moved that program in the right direction.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Mr. Dickey also helped revive Baylor's program, decimated by two scandals involving the basketball and football teams. Most can't imagine how difficult it must have been then, but now Baylor is one of the most robust athletic programs in the Big 12.

Nebraska may be thousands of miles away from Boise. However, Mr. Dickey's efforts remain relevant in the mind of their coach Matt Rhule. (You can hear Coach Rhule's praise for Mr. Dickey around 33:00 of the second Youtube video below.)

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