Dr. Anthony Fauci has returned from his laboratory to update the country on how the fight goes against the Covid-19 Virus.  The topic of vaccines, which to some Americans is controversial, was brought up in an interview on CNN. The doctor told the network a common fear among the medical profession.  He's worried that if or when a vaccine is found, that Americans will say no to it.  He went on to say that the country will need more than 75% of the country to use it.  If the Americans say no, then Fauci says that the herd immunity will not happen.

Fauci has the right to be concerned.  Polling the audience at KIDO Talk Radio and you'll get a variety of people that do not want any type of vaccinations.  The vaccinations of school children has been a powder keg in the legislature in recent past few years.  Several Idahoans proudly proclaim that they continue not to get a flu shot.  Maybe Dr. Fauci should visit Idaho?

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