As predicted, the statewide mask burning rallies across the Gem State have drawn international attention. Only the royal interview with Harry, Meagan, and Oprah seems to rival the public's attention. Twitter is on fire, with people commenting on the photos/videos of kids burning masks. Expect the late-night comedians to have fun at our expense. Thankfully most folks in Idaho could care less what the rest of the nation thinks of us.

The rally organizers told us that they wanted to send a message to our legislators concerning the governor's emergency powers. The governor's office has not stated the rally. The Idaho State Police are looking into who violated the permit, which prohibited an open flame. The governor hasn't declared a statewide mandate. Most Idahoans expect the state to move to Stage 4 opening.

Freedom of expression is a guaranteed right under the United States Constitution. The folks who burned the statehouse's masks practice the same terms of space that the Boston Tea Party's followers. The critics East of the Great River will attack the patriotic parents whose kids attended the rally.

We see the images of Idaho kids throwing the masks into the barrel. I'd ask the critics, what's wrong with that action? Parents in Idaho home-school their kids while teaching them that America is the world's last hope. An Idaho kid is shown traditional American values and not taught how bad our country is.

Tom Munds
Tom Munds

If Idaho were such a cultural outlier, then we would not be leading the nation when it comes to people moving here.

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