We'll find out whether or not Idaho is the 'reddest of the red' or drifting to a more liberal progressive direction.  After months of campaigning, the state will decide who will be the nominee of the Democratic and Republican Parties.  Our first in the state coverage begins at 8pm tonight at the Riverside Hotel in Boise.

Here are few things that we'll learn after the polls close tonight at 9pm MT.

Does negative advertising work in Idaho?  Most folks say that has the reverse impact on their decisions.  Political Operatives say that negative ads work regardless of how repulsive they may be.  After tonight, we'll find out who is right on the Idaho Electorate.

Can outside groups influence the vote?  There's been record number of outside groups from Washington DC lobbying for your vote.  Idahoans pride themselves on making the right calls.  Tonight's results will either encourage these groups to continue their spending or save their resources.

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