TikTok is the fastest-growing app in the world. Young people use it not only for entertainment but as a source of news and information. However, TikTok is not owned by an American company but is the product of the Chinese Communist government. Former President Donald Trump tried to get the Chinese to sell their ownership in TikTok, but his efforts failed as he lost his reelection bid. The current president has a much closer relationship with the Chinese.

Is TikTok A National Security Threat?

The FBI Director Christopher Ray testified that TikTok is a national security threat. The app has over a billion users who have given the Chinese access to their phones and personal information. Sadly, most Americans are not aware of the dangers posed by TikTok. Director Ray shared the threat reported by Time. 

“The Chinese government has shown a willingness to steal Americans’ data on a scale that dwarfs any other,” Wray said. He added that Americans should be very concerned about giving China “that much ability to shape content,” “engage in influence operations” and “access to people’s devices.”

Should Idahoans Be Worried About TikTok?

The answer is yes; several states have begun to ban the app from state phones. Idaho currently is not one of them. At the Time of this publication, Alabama, Maryland, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah.

Utah Governor Gov. Spencer J. Cox issued an executive order booting TikTok from state-owned phones:

The order states that agency or agency employees may not, on any state-owned electronic device, download or use the TikTok application or visit any TikTok website. The executive order applies to all state executive branch agencies. “State-owned electronic device” includes a state-owned mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or other electronic device.

“China’s access to data collected by TikTok presents a threat to our cybersecurity,” said Gov. Cox. “As a result, we’ve deleted our TikTok account and ordered the same on all state-owned devices. We must protect Utahns and make sure that the people of Utah can trust the state’s security systems.”

You can read the order here.

TikTok's Threat to Idaho

We call on Governor Little to do the right thing and boot the Chinese Communist app from state owned phones. All Americans should do the right thing and remove TikTok. Otherwise, who knows what will happen to your information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

US Congress looking to pass a bill that would ban TIkTok. Read the story here.

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