President Trump is out of office and could run the country again one day. During the Trump Administration, the president did his best to alert Americans about the dangers of the Chinese-controlled app TikTok. President Trump tried to ban the company in this country if it wasn't sold to an American company. The national media ridiculed him for his efforts.

The Biden Administration has yet to handle the TikTok dilemma. The federal government has banned it from phones and computers. States led by governors have banned the app from state-owned devices.

The Idaho Legislature seeks to make into law the executive order that Governor Little signed earlier this year. If approved, having TikTok on a state-owned phoned would be a misdemeanor.

The move to ban TikTok comes as tensions between the United States and China continue to build. President Biden has stated that he wants to move all the jobs from China back to America. The administration signed the Chips and Science Act which gives billions of dollars to technology companies to move their manufacturing out of China and other countries back to America.

The Idaho legislation must move to the House and Senate before it reaches the governor's desk. China is one of Idaho's top trading partners. Our last look had China as the state's third biggest trading partner. The communist giant buys food, agriculture equipment, and technology from the Gem State.

A national TikTok ban will be a challenge considering the app is the fastest-growing platform in the world used by billions.

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