Don't kill the messenger on this one o.k.  People's thoughts and opinions on gun control have spiked since the Florida shooting and retail stores are starting to take action.  Actions come with consequences good and bad and Fred Meyer knows this.

According to KTVB, all 132 Fred Meyer locations will start phasing out the selling of firearms and ammunition.  This includes all Fred Meyers here in Idaho.  Fred Meyer says this is not a political move.  They say they've been thinking about phasing out the sale of guns and ammo for awhile now because of weakening consumer demand.  Some consumers say the timing is a little suspicious.  Fred Meyer is backing their statement up with numbers to prove that it's just not profitable for them to sell firearms.  They only bring in about $7 million a year which they say is just not enough to continue.

Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Fred Meyer all changed their policies of selling guns and ammunition to 21 years old or older after the February 14 mass shooting at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  Those policies obviously will be obsolete after gun and ammo sales cease permanently.

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