Idaho is continuing its recovery towards normalcy. The governor recently announced more Idahoans would have the opportunity to get vaccinated from the Covid virus.

America is getting healthier, says President Joe Biden. The president recently set a goal of 200 million shots administered to Americans in the first 100 days of his administration. Many Idahoans have expressed their concerns that getting a Covid shot will be mandatory? Will you need a shot to fly domestically or internationally?

NBC News reports that international flyers to the United States are required to have a 'digital passport.' A digital passport is a proof that you've been vaccinated for the Covid vaccine. Could we see that happen for domestic flights within the United States?

In Idaho, where we've seen numerous protests outside the statehouse and health districts, it would be improbable that getting the shot would be mandatory. We asked Dave Petso, of Petso Financial this morning what he thought about businesses mandating the shot. He replied that we could see possible litigation if folks are forced to vaccinate.

The Gem State has a history of Idahoans saying no to organized medicine. The state legislature continues to struggle with any regulation involving parents who want to 'faith heal' their children. We've seen proposals looking to strip the governor and health districts of their powers during this legislative session during a pandemic.

Idaho State Representative Ben Adams shared his thoughts with us this morning on KIDO Talk Radio concerning Americans being forced to take the shot.  "It's not if, it's a matter   of when they implement something like this.  What I can say that one third of service members we’re refusing the vaccine.   I think we still own ourselves.  What we are seeing is symptom of a larger problem.  An out of control federal government that doesn’t have breaks on the train.  After the latest relief package, we’ve spent 5 trillion on Covid vaccine.  Biden wants another 3 trillion… that would put us to 8 trillion.  That could fund a war in Afghanistan for 80 years."

He continued his views on what the Idaho Legislature will do to protect Idahoans. "I am opposed to forced vaccinations.  I’m not an anti-vaxer… I don’t believe it should be forced.  I can see corporate America businesses doing that (forced vaccinations) not mom and pop businesses.  I hope the legislature will have the testicular fortitude stand up for the people of Idaho."

I agree with Representative Adams.  My own opinion is that in America, life is about the freedom to choose to take the shot or not. Forcing Idahoans/Americans to take a shot is not the American way.

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