What do Sean Hannity, Ebola, border trouble and other trending stories have in common?  You guessed it true believer, that's just a sample of what's trending on today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.

Sean Hannity asks a simple question.  He doesn't get an answer.  Watch this video to find out what happens when you don't answer big Sean's question from The Blaze.

Coming soon to an airport near you, it's Ebola!  Learn how this disease is spreading around the world and could be coming to an airport near you says USA Today.

Spiderman or a man dressed as Spiderman gets taken down by the police.  It looks like the wallcrawer's spider sense could not help him battling New York's Finest.  The video from You Tube.   Warning adult language...

Forget planes, trains, and automobiles, the smugglers are now using jet skis to transport folks across the border from Breitbart.

The ACLU says the most transparent administration is spying on reporters at unprecedented levels reports the Washington Times.

Congressman Paul Ryan was the Republican Nominee for vice president.  Could he make a serious run at the White House.  Is he spending time in the early primary states like the other contenders?  The inside skinny from the Washington Examiner.

Another day, another court striking down the same sex marriage ban.  This time it's Virginia from the Associated Press.

Sarah Palin is a national star and a huge draw on Facebook and Twitter.  Now Sarah Palin creates her new online channel from CNS News.

Everyone loves Jack Bauer.  Well, almost everyone.  Freddie Prinze Jr. spills the beans on how he hated working with Keifer Sutherland on 24 from Yahoo TV.

Here's a first look at Tom Hardy playing the Road Warrior in the upcoming Mad Max movie from Yahoo.