One of the side-effects of the coronavirus is that everyone is staying at home.  In Idaho, Governor Little extended the stay at home order for folks in the Gem State for two more weeks.  It looks like consumers are benefiting from no vehicles on the road.  The lack of demand has severe reduced the price of gasoline in the nation and Idaho..  The process has been further accelerated by an overabundance of cheap crude oil in the global market.

“Today, 20 states have fuel prices that are a dollar or more per gallon less than they were a year ago, and Idaho is very close to joining their ranks with an average price that’s 98 cents cheaper today,” says AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Matthew Conde.  “As long as it remains necessary to take the health and safety precautions that we are, we can expect the trend to continue.”

Idaho usually is one of the highest priced states when it comes to price per gallon.  However, that has changed in less than a week.  Idaho had the biggest price drop in the nation at ten cents per gallon, tied with Alaska.  Today, the Gem State’s average pump price is $1.93 for regular, which is 57 cents less than a month ago and 98 cents less than a year ago.  Meanwhile, the current U.S. price is $1.81, which is 36 cents less than a month ago and $1.03 cheaper than a year ago.  The lowest priced state in the country is Wisconsin where its priced at 1.22 per gallon.

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