Governor Brad Little joined Kevin Miller this morning to give us an update on the state's stay at home order.  The governor shared his thoughts on  a variety of issues.  We share his answers with you here.Governor Little said that Idaho is doing 'as well, or better than other states.  He said that 'his heart breaks for those who've lost their businesses or jobs.'  The states tax revenues will not be what they were before, but we should be in good shape thanks to the prudence of Idahoans.

The governor further explained the extension.  "No one lives in a vacuum.  What happens in Boise effects Weiser.  What happens in Lewiston effects Grangeville. I'm responsible for making sure everyone has enough personal protection equipment and enough hospital care and most importantly healthcare workers.  If we do things too fast we'll have another big run at this," he said.

The governor is scheduled a statewide press conference Thursday at 11am.  He offered a preview of what he'll say to the folks of Idaho.  "We want to explain to people, as we open up and we fully intend to, with the caveat that the numbers stay well.  You have to tell your workforce that they need to prepare to comeback," Little said.

He continued, "We want to signal that ahead of time.  These things, like the president and the CDC said, happen in two week increments.  Unless we have a lot of testing, which no one has except for a small part of New York, we have to be careful that we don't do things too early.  You can hear the entire interview during our 8am hour.  Click here and scroll down to listen.   KIDO Talk Radio will be covering tomorrow's announcement by Governor Little at 11am.

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