Governor Butch Otter stopped by the Ambrose School to speak with Kevin Miller about his legacy and the future of state of Idaho.  The governor covered a wide range of topics during his extended interview with Miller.Governor Otter began by reminiscing about his great journey through Idaho Politics.  "It's been quite a ride," he shared with Kevin Miller.  The governor continued, "four years in the state legislature, fourteen years as lieutenant governor, six years in the United States Congress, twelve years as governor, it's really been quite an experience, plus my thirty years in the private sector."

Idaho has seen many changes during Governor Otter's time as a public servant.  He noted the changes in the Gem State's population.  He shared his thoughts on how to deal with the recent growth.  He joked about how many Californians are moving here.  "The growth has got it's challenges," he shared.  "I think the more popular Idaho becomes the more people will find out about Idaho."

You can hear his entire interview with Kevin Miller below.

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