If you find yourself in Boise and you're craving a delicious chocolate brownie, you're in luck! Today is officially National Brownie Day, and we're sharing the best places in our area for amazing brownies, according to their reviews.

National Today says, “National Brownie Day is on December 8. Every year brownie lovers come from far and wide to celebrate National Brownie Day. Warm, chewy, and rich, a nice chocolate (or blondie) brownie is the perfect dessert to end your night with."

Whether you enjoy the crispy, well-done corners or prefer the gooey, middle pieces, there's something for everyone. But before we dive into the top 5 places for brownies in Boise, let's address this very important question: What's the best way to have your brownies?

Photo by Shivansh Sethi on Unsplash
Photo by Shivansh Sethi on Unsplash

For many, the only way to enjoy a brownie is to have it warm and topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's a combination that elevates this classic dessert to a whole new level of deliciousness.

According to Foursquare, a trusted source for food recommendations, Boise boasts 15 really great places to go for delicious chocolate brownies, and we've hand-picked the top 5 locations based on local ratings and reviews, guaranteeing that these spots are true fan-favorites in the area.

With one honorable mention that is NEW to the area: Mad Mac! This is a popular food truck in the area that actually just opened up a new location in Kuna, and they also offer absolutely amazing brownies and cake.

Keep scrolling for incredible dessert shops and more in the Boise area.

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