If you have ever made the drive to Ontario, Oregon--odds are you have not been alone with lots of Idaho license plates crossing over the state border too.  Ontario is the closest Oregon city to the Treasure Valley and the quickest to access. I was just over there myself a few weeks ago for a quicker line to get my passport application submitted. I also go over to Ontario to get my oil changed at one of my favorite automotive places--it's just a quick 40-minute drive from downtown Boise!

Everyone has a different reason to go to Ontario, Oregon, however the running joke is that the real reason for an influx in Idaho license plates crossing over is for marijuana.

Whether or not this is true, there is certainly a possibility that folks are crossing over to get their fix of marijuana from dispensaries--which is totally legal. Bringing those products back into Idaho, however, isn't so legal.

A local group called the Idaho Citizens Coalition is trying to change that.

While many have just embraced that fact that Idaho will not be legalizing weed in any way, shape, or form any time soon--the group says that isn't their immediate goal. The goal, however, is to legalize returning to Idaho with the weed that was purchased legally out-of-state.

Their main argument is that purchasing weed legally from dispensaries is keeping money out of illegal drug dealers' hands in Idaho. The movement aims to protect adults who are 21-years-old or older from "search, seizure, and arrest for the possession and use of up to three ounces of marijuana on private property with permission of the owner."

What do you think-- should Idahoans be safe to purchase marijuana outside of the state and bring it home?

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