My Man Kris and I went with a group of friends to the Steelheads game tonight in downtown Boise. Steelheads beat Tulsa by quite a bit but the amazing game and even all of the ice fights seem like a blur with what happened shortly after. The other people in our group slowly but surely headed out early and we were the last ones in our suite area left. After the Steelhead victory, the announcer came on. This was the first inkling that I got where I knew something happened. "The main entrance is closed, please leave through the side exits." He repeated it a couple of times but did not say anything else.

According to Idaho Stateman, "Boise Police discovered a man with a gunshot wound in the Grove Plaza around 9:35pm Saturday night. Police say the man has been taken to the hospital and officers secured the area and are searching for suspects. At this time, there is no confirmed information about how the man was shot."

Scroll to see photos of the scene around the plaza and area from two perspectives. I took some and my friend Michelle Heart left the game at a different time and got photos as well. We will keep you updated as this story develops. For now we are grateful that no one else was hurt, we are grateful for our fast acting officers and we are hoping the best possible outcome for the victim.

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