I believe all of us wish that we lived in a perfect world.  A world where school shootings didn't happen and laws would stop criminals from committing crimes.    Unfortunately we live in a world where criminals don't obey laws.  (That's why they're criminals.)  Where school shootings happen and folks become mobilized believing that limiting firearms will keep them safe.

If that were only the case.  They're thousands of laws on the books restricting law abiding citizens and firearms.  Gun Free Zones have become one of the many hot topics in the gun debate.  Why?  Because experts argue that gun free zones encourage armed killers to attack folks that can't defend themselves.

In an idealistic world everyone gets along and there is no conflict.  In the real word, there is conflict and they're are predators that wish to do us harm.  Until criminals actually obey the law, we will have to take advantage of every right for self protection and preservation.

If not, the nation will have more victims, not less.

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