There are people who love good movies and then are people who love what some would call “B-movies.” You know those films; the type you unexpectedly come across on the SyFy channel on a random Saturday afternoon while cleaning. You randomly stop to watch as you pass by the TV… questioning why you’re watching but knowing deep down inside that it’s the boldest piece of cinema you’ve experienced. No? Okay, then it’s just me.

My fiancée rolls her eyes every time she catches me scrolling through random B-movies on (insert any streaming service here) hoping that I won’t force the entire family to watch. The last time I was lucky enough to put on a B-movie that she let me keep on for longer than 10 minutes was the film ‘The VelociPastor’ and let me just tell you: the name says it all. “VelociPastor” even takes on a team of evil ninjas, showing off his prehistoric martial arts skills.

Since my first viewing of ‘The VelociPastor’, I’ve been longing for another “quality” B-film to watch that would match the level of intensity that that film brought to my living room… the type of intensity that annoys my fiancé and two kids.

In my search, I discovered a film that was just released last month and it’s oozing with the B-movie qualities I’ve been searching for. The best part? It was directed by a Pocatello native Nick Lyon and that film is none other than ‘Titanic 666.’ A film about a “modern” version of the Titanic embarking on the same route as the original ship. Things apparently go south when passengers mess with various “artifacts” that belonged to the first ship. It looks like a classic horror B-movie that has all of the elements of a cult classic. Shoot, just check out the way one of the main characters reacts to seeing the new Titanic with an epic pronunciation of “ship”:

No kidding, I’ve probably watched that part of the trailer at least 14 times now. This movie has all of the makings of a B-movie classic and it was cooked up by Pocatello’s very own Nick Lyons.

Sure, you may see us writing about and celebrating Idaho’s heroes like Aaron Paul or Kellen Moore; but now is the time we celebrate heroes like Nick Lyon… the visionary behind the camera and the legend behind surefire B-movie classics that also include ‘Bermuda Tentacles’ and ‘Rise of the Zombies’. Shoot, Lyons is also working with some big names. You’ve got Linda Hamilton who starred in ‘The Terminator’ franchise appearing in ‘Bermuda Tentacles’ while Danny Trejo stars in ‘Rise of the Zombies’. And Trejo? It seems that man has been doing films longer than he’s been alive.

Take notice, Idaho. Hollywood’s next big director is Pocatello, Idaho’s Nick Lyons. You heard it here first.

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