It's no secret that many Californians have found our state as their new home. Several former Californians have moved to Idaho only to be frustrated with how they're treated in the Gem State. We've seen reports on Reddit and other platforms reporting that cars with California plates have been vandalized.  

So if you're moving to Idaho from California, is there a guide that will help you blend in? The answer to that question would be yes, thanks to the website  The website offers west coasters a preview of what to expect when moving to Idaho.

The website advises folks that our summers are sweltering and most of our mountains are remote. Rodeos are very popular here and a great way to network or meet new friends.  

Californians, and anyone else moving to Idaho, are challenged by the high cost of homeownership. If you can afford a home and can find one to buy, you're well on your way to becoming an Idahoan. One of the biggest insults to Idahoans that we have covered for years and years is the refusal of new residents to change their license plates.  

Idaho is one of the most welcoming states in the country.  If you are moving to the Gem State, here are a few things that you'll have to adjust to seeing on a daily basis.  Idahoans love guns and most people that live here carry guns.  You don't need a permit to open or conceal carry in Idaho.  It is not unusual to see gun-carrying folks, men and women, at the supermarket or at the bank.

We'll have a more complete guide for you coming soon on this website.

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