The liberal mainstream media is at it again.  The headlines and bloviating talking heads continue to predict a Joe Biden victory over President Donald Trump in November.  What they fail to realize, is that we've seen this movie..errr election before in 2016.

Yes the president is running on his record.  Yes COVID is wrecking the economy, but has anyone considered the alternative?  Joe Biden dwelling in his basement?  A candidate so incoherent that his supporters want him to shut up, stay in the basement and run out the clock.

Biden is expected to announce his running mate this week.  Will it be Kamala Harris the senator from California who's over ambitious and flopped as a presidential candidate?  She was so bad, she didn't make it to the Iowa Caucus.  Or will it be Susan Rice of the Obama Administration that was caught lying about the attacks on the Benghazi compound in Libya?

There are three currently scheduled presidential debates in Cleveland, Miami, and Nashville.  Once Americans see and hear the contrast between the two candidates.  The president wins in a landslide.

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