Thursday's White House press briefing took it to another level.  Sadly, it was not a reasonable level for decorum, discussion or debate on any scale. 

The press briefing is designed so that the nation's news media can have access to the president through his press secretary answering questions on policy. Thursday it was not about the system, it was about a reporter, Jim Acosta of CNN, who has forgotten how to report a story.

Mr. Acosta rudely interrupted White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders as she was attempting to answer his question. His behavior has become the norm during these briefings.

Sanders emotionally told the gathering how the media had not reported stories, but become an advocate for those opposing President Trump. It was very heartfelt and personnel from the podium.

If the press cannot treat administration officials with respect, then it's time for these briefings to get the boot.

Watch the video here.

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