Today is Mother's Day, where mothers worldwide will be celebrated for their sacrifices and dedication to their families. How do we thank our Mother? Flowers, candy, meals, cards, and so many other gifts are suggested as ways to tell our Mothers how much we love them.

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It's impossible no matter how hard we may try to express to our Mothers how much they've meant to us. Let's face it, we all wouldn't be here if not for our Moms. When I hear the word Mom, the first words that come to mind are the sacrifice.

You can always tell the good Moms whenever you come across them. They may be driving an older car, wearing older clothes, and saving money, all to provide a better life for their children. Working Moms have a challenge balancing a career while instilling morals into their children.

I want to thank the Mothers who are no longer with us. Mother's Day is a reminder of how much we miss them, and even though they may have been gone for years, they're always with us. To those that have lost their Moms, I'm sorry. But you're not alone; they're with you, watching over you even as you read this article.

What is the perfect Mother's Day present? Whether you are a Mom or not, it's by following their example. We can never repay the debt we owe to our Mothers; we can only hope with humility to emulate their charity towards all. Happy Mother's Day!

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