It's day 2 of Miller's Mission at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin.  Thank you to everyone who has stopped by during the Kevin Miller Show or throughout the day and night.  Thank you to Larry Gebert of Channel 7 for covering this year's event.  You can see his story here.The Boise Rescue Mission Ministries consists of several organizations.  Let's take a look the reach of the Mission.  Your donations help fund the following ministries:

City of Light Home of Women & Children

River of Life Rescue Mission

Ministry Center Adminstration

Lighthouse Rescue Mission

Valley Women & Children's Shelter

The Rescue Mission Thrift Store

Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio
Kevin Miller / KIDO Talk Radio

Here is a list of the current needs of the Boise Rescue Mission:

Turkeys, gift cards, snack type lunch food granola bars, apple sauce, fruit cups, etc

Cooking oil and spices, kitchen towels, potholders, gadgets, diapers, sizes 4,5,6, and pullups and wipes.  Cleaning supplies,(detergent, wipes, bleach)

Women's hygiene products, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, soap, conditioner, hair products,

Over the counter meds, (adults and children) Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, napkins,

Kevin Miller/KIDO Talk Radio
Kevin Miller/KIDO Talk Radio

Stuffing for holiday food boxes, boxed desserts, for holiday food boxes, canned fruit/canned vegetables, turkey breast meat, peanut butter, jelly, rice, canned tuna, cereal, oatmeal, clothes for men, women, and children.

Our week in Nampa continues.  We hope to see you this week dropping off a turkey.  2020 has been a year that we'll all remember.  Why not send a message of hope and opportunity by taking care of your fellow Idahoans.  The Boise Rescue Mission receives no funding from any governmental organization and is supported entirely on your donations.

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