We're officially in the final, and I mean the final week of the most prolonged, most expensive campaign in Gem State history. Here's how the last week could impact your vote.

Political experts tell us, in close elections, it's how the undecideds vote that will determine the outcome. These are the voters that haven't been as involved as most activists during this primary season. Usually, the trend will go to the incumbent, but since there isn't one in the governor's race, here are a few thoughts on what people would like to hear that could win their vote.

A call on all candidates to take down all negative advertising. This spending includes political action committees, or PACs, that do the dirty work of negative issue ads.

So far we haven't heard any potential office holder demand that opponents get rid of harmful content. Let's use the old saying, that I believe would resonate, 'I know what' you're against, what are you for?'


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