If you're involved in Idaho politics, then you know who Tom Munds is. Tom is a tireless watchdog advocate who had run for office, documented thousands of local political meetings, and held every Idaho politician accountable for their actions.

I've had the privilege of seeing Tom run for school board, tape meetings, and listen to his calls urging folks to become active in our political process. We've all admired his dedication to our country as he traveled thousands of miles working for the John Birch Society. Tom has answered the call to friends and strangers throughout the Western United States. Now Tom Munds needs our help.  

According to Senator Christy Zito, Tom recently suffered a stroke after turning fifty-nine. Senator Zito told us how we could make a difference in helping Tom's recovery. "Tom has no insurance; he keeps his job at JBS because he feels like it's a public service. The insurance is costly. Tom gives and gives and gives to the community. He spends hours on the road and speaking and working to educate people on the constitution. I felt that it was the least we could do to support our patriot brother and sister."

Here's how you can help Tom

The following are two links provided by Tom's family from an email distributed to his followers.  "There have been a lot of you asking how you can help and we have had a Go Fund Me page set up under Tom Munds by Sen. Christy Zito and a page set up called Meal Train by Tracie's sister, Stacie."

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