Hemp products, and hemp production, took years to become legal in the Gem State. Idaho was the last or near the latest state to allow hemp to be legally grown. The state is the only state in the country not to have legalized any form of marijuana for medical or recreational use. Once hemp products were legalized, we've seen a CBD shop next to every gym, church, or dentist's office popping up in your favorite neighborhood.

Hemp advocates rave about how the drug/herb helps them with relaxation or pain relief. Humans are not the only ones who use hemp products as pets are now being introduced to hemp supplements.

However, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture has given pets stores till November 1st to remove hemp products from their shelves.  The department issued a memorandum stating that they will be inspecting stores to make sure that all products are removed or else.

ISDA enforces animal feed law across the state. We recognize that many retailers have been
distributing products with hemp or hemp-derived ingredients under the assumption these products are
allowed in Idaho. ISDA appreciates the collaborative relationship we have with our customers, and we
want to give customers time to comply with the law.

Effective November 1, 2022, ISDA will be inspecting for hemp and hemp-derived animal feeds and
remedies. These products are not legal in Idaho, and if found on or after November 1, 2022, will be
subject to a stop sale and further action from the department.

Why is Idaho so tough on hemp?

The Department of Agriculture is concerned about the amounts of hemp put into animal medicinal products. They state their concern is for the health of the animals in Idaho. The issue is how accurate the nutritional claims on the labels are when purchasing a particular product. All products containing hemp must be removed by November 1st.

The legalization of hemp growing in Idaho was a challenge due to the legitimate concerns from law enforcement. The state police has limited resources to detrimine what is hemp and what is marijuana.  Several local stores have begun to protest the move by the Idaho Department of Agriculture.  Pet owners say the pet hemp supplements aid their beloved pet in dealing with pain.

We will continue to keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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