We’ve all been there — in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, white knuckles clenching the steering wheel, cursing at the idiotic maneuver that another driver just had the audacity to attempt.

I find it hilarious that when we’re driving, we expect everyone else to be patient, kind and courteous, when we accidentally mess up…

Yet, we hold no patience for all of the other drivers who should have known better.



Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I am not the most attentive driver. 

I’ll admit that I regularly drink coffee, listen to the radio and use my cup as a microphone while I pretend that I’m Missy Elliott.

However, as the days go by there is one undeniable fact that even we cannot ignore any longer:

Idaho drivers are the absolute WORST, and here are the top ten reasons why.

10 Hilarious Reasons Why Idaho Drivers Are The WORST

Unfortunately, these are pretty accurate.

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