Governor Brad Little today vetoed SB 1382, which would've limited businesses in Idaho from mandating vaccine mandates. The Covid restrictions have been lifted, but the continued controversies involving forced mandates will continue in Idaho.

The House and Senate passed the bill with overwhelming support, although political insiders believe the House doesn't have enough support to override the governor's veto. Both Houses will return to Boise on Thursday to deal with the veto.
Freedom Fighter Janice McGeachin

Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin, Little's primary opponent, took to social media blistering the governor's move.  "This bill had multiple cosponsors from the Senate and the House.  Our governor has overridden the will and the vote legislative body and the people of Idaho once again. He has sided with IACI and crony corporations against the Idaho people."  She called veto unbelievable.  


Governor Little explained his decision to veto by stating that government should stay out of the way of businesses in Idaho.  However, the governor and the speaker did lead a charge against Joe Biden's mandatory vaccine mandates at the federal level.  If the veto is not overridden expect Governor Little's actions to be brought up during the next several weeks before the May primary.  

He has been under fire by his critics within his party for his leadership during the two years of the pandemic.  It is too early to speculate whether or not the veto will be overridden.  We'll continue to update you as this story develops.  

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