It would be different if one could find the words to describe this session of the Idaho Legislature. In a state that prides itself on embracing limited government and self-reliance, this year's session has focused not on fiscal issues but social ones.

The current session has included debates involving pronouns in schools, guns in schools, what books should be placed in libraries, and this week's transgender issues. As March approaches, will we ever get to the old, reliable, yet highly important issues of the grocery tax or reform of the state's property tax?

Have Idahoans forgotten the promises made by Idaho politicians to eliminate the grocery tax? The Gem State is one of only seven states that taxes individuals on groceries. We haven't seen any legislation or proposals on removing this onerous tax.

The property tax issue was front and center during the Boise-area housing boom. As housing prices skyrocketed, property taxes exceeded normal levels, and some said they would be forced to move out of their homes because they couldn't afford the property taxes.

Last year, the legislature did pass some property tax reform. However, most Idahoans want their property taxes to be lowered along with protection for senior citizens on a fixed income.

It's been a disappointing cycle that these two vitally important issues are not addressed until the end of the session, and the clock runs out on real reform.

Let's hope that our elected leaders will prioritize the correct issues and help those who elected them to represent the people.

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