If you’ve been trying to go see an Idaho Steelheads game this season, but it seemed like it was consistently sold out…

You’re not the only one.

It has been one of the hottest places to be in Boise these last few months.


The Idaho Steelheads are about to close out their 25th season playing in Boise, with only a couple away games left, but they are going to be ending it on a high note.

Their games have always been popular, but this 2021-2022 season has turned into their biggest one yet!

The ICCU Arena was consistently pushed to its limit – it peaked at 99.8% capacity, with an average of 4,992 people attending the games.

Photo by Keri Cornilles
Photo by Keri Cornilles


This has certainly been an exciting thing to see!

The hockey games are significantly more fun when it’s a full house – when the energy is absolutely buzzing and almost palpable. 

Plus, it’s nice that the games are literally located right in the heart of downtown, so it’s easy to go out afterwards and keep the fun going.


However, the caveat to the games consistently being sold out, is that it was frustrating for fans who tried and failed to obtain tickets (if they waited too long to purchase them).

This leaves us wondering: will they expand and build upon the arena, to keep up with the high demand from local hockey enthusiasts?

It will be interesting to see how they plan on managing this influx of fans moving forward.


Either way, we’re excited to see how their current season wraps up, and we’re already looking forward to next year. 

Just make sure to buy your tickets early next season!

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