The Idaho Transportation Department has upgraded its traveler information site – just in time for winter.

Idaho 511, which the department said has been around for the past 14 years, has a new look and several new features.

511 Manager Tony Ernest said that the improved website "offers a new, more intuitive user interface. We are simplifying and consolidating — making it easier to use and find the information people want.”

Say goodbye to high and low bandwidth options; now all platforms – desktop, tablet, cellphone – all will be supported by a single site.

“We’re taking the best from each of them and rolling it into one location,” Ernest explained in a news release by the department on Thursday, noting that there also is a separate version for commercial vehicle operators.

The traveler information site, which accesses 150 traffic cameras statewide, allows motorists to check road conditions before they get behind the wheel.

The site has been accessed some 41 million times since it started in November 2005, according to the news release. Another improvement to the site: it now accepts user feedback.

“Based on what you tell us,” Ernest said, “we will continue to modify and improve the site over the next few months.”

Click to access the revamped site: Idaho 511.

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